Spear fishing tours start out at 7am in Playa Garza.  From an authentic working Costa Rican fishing village, we will depart on a ponga.  The ponga is a small boat that will transport us to the charter boat and then we head out to the open sea.  Floating debris and weed lines present the opportunity to spear Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna (yellow fin, and Toothy), Rainbow Runners, and Triple Tail.  Further out, there are commonly dolphins swimming with large Tuna weighing 80 to 350lbs!  As far as Billfish, Agua Azul allows only one per group and/or one per multi-day trip.



Found in the local reefs and pinnacles’ are Grouper, a variety of Snapper (including the big Cubera), Sierra Mackerel, 3 types of Travally (Blue fin, Yellow, and Giant), Almaco Jacks, Great Barracuda, Roosterfish, and smaller Tuna (yellow fin 15 to 30lbs., and Toothy Tunas).






Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding prices, via skype # on home page. 


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